Common Sense And Water Safety

Monday's rescue of a mom and two boys from the Mackinaw River serves as a good reminder to stay safe when you hit the water this summer.

There are a lot of things for swimmers and skiers to be aware of -- including the water current.

"Rains up north affect our current here," Peoria Fire Department Division Chief Olehy tells 1470 & 100.3 WMBD. "Debris floats through the water. Things like trees and whatever else is in the water that's being picked up can hit people and harm people."

Skiers on the river especially should steer clear of barges, even if the boats look like they're far away.

"There's just a huge undertow with those barges," Olehy says. "They can't stop them, so it's not like they can just throw on the brakes."

Olehy also says a lot of danger is hidden beneath the surface of the murky water.

"There's a lot of stuff down there floating in that current you don't think about," says Olehy.

Olehy says even streams and creeks in the area can be dangerous, especially after heavy rain. Currents in any waterway can trap swimmers against debris, and water pressure can easily hold them there. Olehy says when it comes to swimming, common sense is the best weapon against trouble.

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