When It Rains, It Floods

That's the sentiment of some homeowners in the Bourndale neighborhood off  Lake and Knoxville.

While the Greater Peoria Sanitary District says recent roadwork there hasn't caused the problem, it is offering a cost sharing program to update sewer systems on W. Stonegate Road.

But, the 75-percent reimbursement on the table isn't enough for some.  The Sanitary District will pay up to $3,500 for plumbing conversion and sump pump installation costs.

Kathy Hamilton, who has lived on W. Stonegate Road since 1994, says she's never had flooding before the construction, and doesn't feel she should have to pay for an upgrade, or go through the mess of it.

Hamilton thinks the city should cover all the costs of any work done.

Before receiving assistance from the Sanitary District, homeowners must first turn in an application and be approved for the program.

And, at the homeowner's expense, any footing drains, ground water sump pumps, downspouts, and storm drains have to be removed from the sanitary sewer.

For more information on Greater Peoria Sanitary District's cost sharing program, click HERE.

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