Pekin Police Hand Out Report Cards

Walmart shoppers got a surprise in Pekin over the weekend.

Pekin Police handed out "pass or fail" report cards to drivers whose vehicles were in the parking lot.

You passed if your car was locked, and failed if it wasn't.

Pekin Police Chief Greg Nelson says they distributed about 400 report cards, leaving them in an envelope on the windshields.

He said the community response was good, and there were no complaints about the cards being left on vehicles.

The report card event was part of Pekin Police's ongoing "Hide, Lock, Take" awareness program.

Chief Nelson says just by locking your vehicle, you can prevent about 97-percent of car burglaries, because it's a crime of convenience.

He says most burglars won't put forth the effort to break the windows, but if you leave your car unlocked, you're a sitting target.

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