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10/22/14: In The News: High School Bullying takes a turn for the worse 

10/22/14: Should students with ADD be taken out of traditional school? 

10/22/14: In The News: ISIS Update 

10/22/14: Why is McDonald’s losing steam in the fast food market? 

10/22/14: In The News: Michael Brown Autopsy Revealed 

10/22/14: Are red light ticket cameras rigged??? 

10/21/14: In The News: Serial Killer in Midwest 

10/21/14: Is road rage making a comeback? 

10/21/14: In The News: Kim Jong Il

10/21/14: This 9 things will soon be inside WHAT?? 

10/21/14: In The News: Election Season

10/21/14: What is happening to the 4 Points hotel project?

10/20/14: In The News: Ebola with a capital ‘E’ 

10/20/14: Why have there been so many pedestrian/vehicle collisions lately? 

10/20/14: In The News: Middle East Conflicts 

10/20/14: What is Apple Pay? 

10/20/14: In The News: Ebola Update

10/20/14: R-E-S-P-E-C-T???

10/17/14: In the News: Ebola Update 

10/17/14: Do you spy on your neighbors? 

10/17/14: In The News: World Series Baseball 

10/17/14: Are you sick and tired of school fundraisers?

10/17/14: In The News: Complete Anonymity Online? 

10/17/14: Winter Weather Predictions

10/16/14: In The News: Ebola Update 

10/16/14: The Myth of the Midlife Crisis 

10/16/14: In The News: Mandatory Ebola Isolation? 

10/16/14: Remembering Manual High School Coach Wayne McClain 

10/16/14: In The News: Ebola Preparation

10/16/14: Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus is in town! 

10/15/14: In The News: Ebola Update

10/15/14: Netflix is targeting your kids! 

10/15/14: Is Central Illinois prepared for an Ebola outbreak? Doctors from OSF St. Francis speak out 

10/15/14: Should we be practicing earthquake drills? 

10/15/14: Dan Smith of Fortner Insurance: Medicare/caid decision making time 

10/15/14: Tony Ardis: Climb for the Cure & Underwater Rescue 

10/14/14: In The News: Catholic Church Embracing Gay Members 

10/14/14: Ebola Conspiracy Theories

10/14/14: In The News: Is President Obama working enough? 

10/14/14: Tom Cross: Candidate for State Treasurer 

10/14/14: In The News: Stock Market Debate

10/14/14: Jonathan Eig: Author, the Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revoloution.’

10/13/14: In The News: Ebola Spreading in U.S. 

10/13/14: Weird Stories in the News 

10/13/14: Top Stories of the Day 

10/13/14: Dr. Lindsay Hall: Morton Dist. 709 Superintendent 

10/13/14: Jeremy Friedrich and Kate Lavin, creators of the movie ‘Trail of Blood’ 

10/13/14: In The News: High School Football Terror 

10/10/14: In The News: Mikhail Gorbachev in hospital 

10/10/14: What should we consider ‘hazing?’ 

10/10/14: In The News: Kim Jong Un still M.I.A. 

10/10/14: When does the workday end?

10/10/14: In The News: Ebola testing at airports 

10/10/14: Highlights from the Gubernatorial Debate

10/9/14: In The News: Dallas Ebola Patient Dies 

10/9/14: If the price of cable goes up, will you still pay for it? 

10/9/14: In The News: Where is Kim Jung Un??

10/9/14: Tim Cassidy: Peoria Park District Closing Donovan Golf Course 

10/9/14: In The News: St. Louis Shooting 

10/9/14: Comedian Jimmy Pardo 

10/8/14: In The News: Kim Jong Un 

10/8/14: We need another hotel! 

10/8/14: In The News: Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

10/8/14: Sexual Harassment Rampant in the Restaurant Industry 

10/8/14: In The News: Calling for Immigration Reform

10/8/14: Choosing competency over affiliation 

10/7/14: In The News: Chicagoland teen tries to join ISIS 

10/7/14: Let’s make Fantasy Politics a thing!! 

10/7/14: In The News: Ebola 

10/7/14: Paul Brinkman, reporter for the Orlando Sentinel: Who is Nik Patel? 

10/7/14: In The News: Michael Phelps

10/7/14: Under the Streetlamp

10/6/14: In The News: Ebola Update 

10/6/14: Would you let your kids play high school football? 

10/6/14: In The News: Hong Kong Protests 

10/6/14: Peoria Promise Gala

10/6/14: In The News: Hotelier Arrest 

10/6/14: Jim Breuer Show Cancellation Info

10/2/14: In The News: Secret Service Resignation 

10/2/14: Dracula’s Dungeon Found 

10/2/14: In The News: Ebola in Texas 

10/2/14: What can happen if you use a fake ID? 

10/2/14: In The News: ISIS Update 

10/2/14: Comedian Jim Breuer 

10/1/14: JDRF Ron Santo Walk this weekend! 

10/1/14: Problems in the Secret Service 

10/1/14: Warehouse District is Officially Historic!

10/1/14: Ebola in America 

10/1/14: Springdale Cemetery Tour Time!


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