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11/21/14: In The News: President Uses Executive Orders to Push Ahead with Immigration Reform 

11/21/14: The Bill Cosby Scandal keeps getting worse 

11/21/14: In The News: The Snow Keeps Coming 

11/21/14: How does executive order work? Josh Ryan, Asst. Political Science Professor at Bradley University, explains 

11/21/14: In The News: Which illegal immigrants are now allowed to stay in the U.S.?

11/21/14:Comedian Ms. Pat 

11/20/14: In The News: Florida State Shooting

11/20/14: Worst States for Thanksgiving 

11/20/14: : In The News: Ferguson Unrest 

11/20/14: Bradley Basketball: FAIL 

11/20/14: In The News: Winter Weather Update 

11/20/14: Pen Farthing: CNN's 2014 Hero of the Year 

11/19/14: : In The News: Former Model Janice Dickenson accuses Bill Cosby of assult in the 80s 

11/19/14: Top Grossing Worst Movies 

11/19/14: In The News: Winter Weather 

11/19/14: Dr. Michael Cross, Athletic Dir. Of Bradley University: Budget Cuts 

11/19/14: In The News: Air Bag Recall

11/19/14: Ken Zurski, author: Peoria Stories 

11/18/14: In The News: Things getting worse for Bill Cosby 

11/18/14: Jeff Griffin and Adam White: Small Business Saturday 

11/18/14: In The News: Have we grossly underestimated the amount of Islamic State troops? 

11/18/14: Does Missouri need the National Guard in Ferguson for the end of the Michael Brown trial? 

11/18/14: In The News: Freezing Temps in All 50 States

11/18/14: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 

11/14/14: Top Stories of the Day 

11/14/14: Trendiest Foods 

11/14/14: In the News: Bill Cosby Scandal 

11/14/14: Why are we so obsessed with youth? 

11/14/14: In the News: ISIS Money 

11/14/14: Comedian Andy Kindler 

11/13/14: In The News: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

11/13/14: Bill Cosby accused of rape 20 years ago and it’s coming back into the light now. Why? 

11/13/14: In The News: Fireman rescue window washers from falling scaffolding

11/13/14: Science Friction: How do you feel about these scientific advances?

11/13/14: Top Stories of the Day 

11/13/14: Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli: Role of Women in Middle East

11/12/14: In The News: Improvement in U.S./China Relationship? 

11/12/14: Bradley University’s Tunnel of Oppression 

11/12/14: In The News: Probing Comets 

11/12/14: A Challenge from the Pope 

11/12/14: Top Stories of the Day 

11/12/14: What the heck is net neutrality?

11/11/14: In The News: Putin’s Faux Pas 

11/11/14: Urban Myths That Won’t Go Away 

11/11/14: In The News: Making Internet a Utility 

11/11/14: Should businesses be more lenient with drug testing? 

11/11/14: Who’s to blame for low productivity at public schools? 

11/11/14: Funds from the Heart Fundraiser for Washington

11/10/14: In The News: Cold Weather Coming! 

11/10/14: Greg’s Weekend Movie Reviews 

11/10/14: In The News: Lame Duck Senate? 

11/10/14: Bomb Cyclone Coming Through! 

11/10/14: In The News: Pot Use at Work 

11/10/14: Bradley Basketball with Coach Geno Ford 

11/7/14: In The News: Typhoon Nuri 

11/7/14: 75% of people still do THIS even though they know it’s illegal 

11/7/14: In The News: Bruce Rauner’s Plan 

11/7/14: Should Navy SEALS or other military members ever reveal their roles in secret missions? 

11/7/14: In The News: Bradley Basketball 

11/7/14: Comedian Greg Warren 

11/6/14: In The News: Has the meaning of ‘political activist’ changed?

11/6/14: How much time do people spend on their phones per day?

11/6/14: Darin LaHood: Examining this Gubernatorial Election 

11/6/14: Which TV host is the most annoying? 

11/6/14: Top Stories of the Day 

11/6/14: Drunken Zombie Film Festival 

11/5/14: In The News: Illinois elects new Governor 

11/5/14: Voting Experiences  

11/5/14: In The News: Are you surprised at how the election turned out? 

11/5/14: Dr. Stacey Robertson, Bradley University: Human Trafficking A Growing Problem

11/5/14: In The News: Raising the minimum wage to $10

11/5/14: What's the deal with Alex from Target?

11/4/14: In The News: Election Day 

11/4/14: Most Influential Toys of All Time 

11/4/14: In The News: History to be made in Congress? 

11/4/14: What are the rules for early voting?

11/4/14: In The News: Voting on Legalizing Pot 

11/4/14: Best Political Ads 

11/3/14: In The News: Terminally Ill woman Brittney Maynard chose to die with dignity 

11/3/14: 7 Things Hilary Clinton says in every single speech she gives 

11/3/14: In The News: Election Day Eve 

11/3/14: Are overweight women less likely to get a raise? 

11/3/14: In The News: A Night for Richard 

11/3/14: Top 5 Catchiest Songs of All Time 


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