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7/22/14: Leuthold Trial Over: GUILTY 

7/22/14: Sexuality in the NFL: Should it matter? 

7/22/14: How Netflix is changing the world 

7/22/14: Walt Willey and Crew: Auntie Mame 

7/22/14: Guilty!

7/22/14: Whitney's Walk

7/17/14: Leuthold Trial Gets Interesting 

7/17/14: Unbelievable Bank Robbery in California 

7/17/14: Pet Custody Cases On The Rise 

7/17/14: Does your company monitor your bathroom breaks? 

7/17/14: David Van Camp comments on the Leuthold Trial 

7/17/14: Comedian Bruce Bruce 

7/16/14: Will your religion support the idea of extra-terrestrial life? 

7/16/14: Fun Food Fact with Dan DiOrio 

7/16/14: California Is Drying Up! 

7/16/14: Summer is halfway over! What haven’t you done yet?

7/16/14: Intelligent Life: Are We Alone in the Universe? 

7/16/14: Should we split Illinois into 2 states? 

7/11/14: Ameren turning off the power downtown this weekend. Why haven’t they made that news public? 

7/11/14: Which traffic problem drives you nuts? 

7/11/14: In the News 

7/11/14: Ameren Cuts Off Power to Peoria's Downtown  

7/11/14: Comedian Mike Armstrong 

7/10/14: The President Goes to Texas: Border Crisis

7/10/14: Banning Bake Sales?! 

7/10/14: GOP Convention Coming to Cleveland 

7/10/14: Why Aren't Colleges Reporting Accurate Crime Stats?

7/10/14: The President Hasn't Been to the Border. Why Not?

7/10/14: Heart of Illinois Fair Time!!

7/9/14: In The News: Missles on the Gaza Strip, Donald Sterling, Airplane Pizza Party 

7/9/14: Amusement Parks Turning It Up for the Summer 

7/9/14: CDC finds box of WHAT in a closet?? 

7/9/14: Does sitting too long really make you obese? 

7/9/14: Top Stories of the Day 

7/9/14: Ralph Johnson: Earth, Wind & Fire 

7/8/14: Video Gambling Cafés Coming to Central Illinois

7/8/14: We need to fix our roads. Where is the money??? 

7/8/14: Guy falls asleep at baseball game and is suing broadcasters teasing him about it. 

7/8/14: DeLoss Jahnke: Immigration and Agriculture 

7/8/14: Would you go to a café solely to go video gambling? 

7/8/14: World Cupdate 

7/7/14: Top Stories of the Day 

7/7/14: 4th of July Recap 

7/7/14: Traveling with Technology? Prove It! 

7/7/14: The owner of a Culver’s in Wisconsin has been paying his employees out of pocket for months. 

7/7/14: In the News 

7/7/14: Chris Ardis: Living in a Border Town 


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