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2/27/15: Top Stories: The internet is now considered a utility. Net Neutrality is here! 

2/27/15: White and Gold? Blue and Black? The internet is here and it makes no sense!

2/27/15: Top Stories: More Snow Coming 

2/27/15: Gary Walker, new head of FC Peoria here to talk Peoria soccer 

2/27/15: Top Stories: Missouri Mass Murders

2/27/15: Comedian John Roy

2/26/15: Top Stories: More Snow Coming!  

2/26/15: Congressman Aaron Schock’s spending habits under the microscope

2/26/15: Top Stories: ISIS Executioner ‘Jihadi John’ possibly identified 

2/26/15: State Sen. Dave Koehler gives his thoughts on the state budget address 

2/26/15: Top Stories: Chuck Collins gives the weeklong weather forecast 

2/26/15: Dr. Matthew Bramlet: OSF 3D heart printer 

2/25/15: Top Stories: ‘American Sniper’ killer found guilty

2/25/15: Fighting Obesity: Should there be regulations on what we’re allowed to eat? 

2/25/15: Top Stories: Aaron Schock hires PR/Law Firm to handle his travel expenses controversy 

2/25/15: Food Trucks coming to Peoria! 

2/25/15: Top Stories: Natural Gas Home Explosion 

2/25/15:  Ex-con in Naperville wins lottery. Does that make you mad? 

2/24/15: Top Stories: Drones Used by NSA to Listen to Protesters 

2/24/15: Preview of this weekend’s Home Show!

2/24/15: Top Stories: Aaron Schock under the microscope again 

2/24/15: Aaron Schock breaking the rules for chartered travel? 

2/24/15: State Comptroller Leslie Munger

2/24/15: Idaho lawmaker needs serious lesson in anatomy… 

2/19/15: Top Stories: Rauner Budget Address 

2/19/15: Bradley Police Chief Brian Joschko discusses campus safety 

2/19/15: Top Stories: We are all freezing!!

2/19/15: State Senator Darin LaHood comments on the state budget address 

2/19/15: Top Stories: Gov. Rauner aiming to fix state budget

2/19/15: Vaping Indoors: yes or no?  

2/18/15: Top Stories: ISIS Winning at Social Media 

2/18/15: Chris Taylor: Uber Illinois General Manager 

2/18/15: Assist. City Manager Chris Setti: Uber in Peoria? 

2/18/15: Congressman Aaron Schock 

2/18/15: Comedian Louie Anderson 

2/17/15:  Top Stories: Winter Weather Hits the South

2/17/15: Should your Facebook account live on after you die? 

2/17/15: Top Stories: Not Done with Winter Weather 

2/17/15: Uber coming to more and more cities in Illinois. Do you want it here? 

2/17/15: Top Stories: Bradley University’s Athletic Director Michael Cross Resigns 

2/17/15: Bradley’s Athletic Director is resigning. Good for Bradley? 

2/16/15: Top Stories: More ISIS beheadings

2/16/15: 40 Years of SNL 

2/16/15: Top Stories: ISIS slaughters more than 20 Egyptians 

2/16/15: Officer Doug Burgess explains how CrimeStoppers works 

2/16/15: Top Stories: Shooting in Denmark 

2/16/15: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 

2/13/15: Top Stories: Caterpillar breaking ground on new campus 

2/13/15: Gov. Rauner’s pick for IDOT Secretary had a DUI in 2004. Is that a problem? 

2/13/15: Top Stories: Big News from Caterpillar 

2/13/15: Is it ever okay to physically discipline someone else’s child? 

2/13/15: Top Stories: No more red light cameras? 

2/13/15: Comedian Brad Williams 

2/12/15: Top Stories: President wants Congress to okay war on ISIS 

2/12/15: What could you buy with Powerball winnings?

2/12/15: Top Stories: More details in the Chapel Hill shootings 

2/12/15: Chapel Hill Shooting: hate crime or not? Are we afraid of Muslims? 

2/12/15: Top Stories: Jackie Robinson West Little League Scandal

2/12/15: Food Network Star, Alton Brown 

2/11/15: Top Stories: ISIS kills American hostage 

2/11/15: Facebook Ethics: Should media outlets have the right to delete Facebook comments from their site? 

2/11/15: Top Stories: Brian Williams suspended for 6 months without pay from NBC 

2/11/15: Aaron Schock under the microscope again 

2/11/15: Top Stories: Shooting at Chapel Hill 

2/11/15: Cellist Mike Block 

2/10/15: Top Stories: Bradley Searching for New President 

2/10/15: Aaron Schock sold house to campaign donor for a steep price. Was it ethical? 

2/10/15: Top Stories: Goodbye Radio Shack

2/10/15: Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich explaines the city's green initiative

2/10/15: Top Stories: Who will be Bradley University’s new president? 

2/10/15: Will driverless cars become the norm?

2/9/15: Top Stories: Bruce Jenner causes fatal car accident in Malibu 

2/9/15: Wade Seifert of Preckshot Pharmacy: Are supplements worth the money? 

2/9/15: Top Stories: More snow headed to the Northeast 

2/9/15: Congressman Aaron Schock discusses his office, the resignation of his senior aide, and his home break-in

2/9/15: Top Stories: Bruce Jenner part of massive car accident in Malibu

2/9/15: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 

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