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3/31/15: Top Stories: Shooting at NSA Headquarters 

3/31/15: Highlights from Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast 

3/31/15: Top Stories: Information about the pilot of the Germanwings plane 

3/31/15: Building housing on the riverfront: yay or nay? 

3/31/15: Top Stories: What does Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ law mean? 

3/31/15: Bradley University’s new Athletic Director, Chris Reynolds 

3/27/15: Top Stories: Why did co-pilot crash German plane? 

3/27/15: What if you were legally obligated to ‘friend’ your boss on Facebook? 

3/27/15: Top Stories: Kidnapping Hoax 

3/27/15: Aaron Schock’s farewell speech 

3/27/15: Top Stories: More information from the German plane crash 
3/27/15: Comedian Jeff Caldwell 

3/26/15: Top Stories: New information from German plane crash raises questions 

3/26/15: Washington Mayor Gary Manier 

3/26/15: Top Stories: Safety Council for Uber 

3/26/15: McDonald’s Sandwiches Ranked…WRONG! 

3/26/15: Top Stories: Indiana businesses can deny service to gay patrons 

3/26/15: Mayor Jim Ardis: How do District 150 problems effect the city?

3/25/15: Top Stories: Israel Denies Spying on U.S.

3/25/15: Should schools be held legally responsible if they do not stopping bullying? 

3/25/15: Top Stories: More information comes from the German plane crash? 
3/25/15: Dist. 150 brought up in last night’s city council meeting. Are the two tied together? 

3/25/15: Top Stories: Changing the time kids get out of school?

3/25/15: Peoria Civic Center unveils the Ameren Illinois Broadway Series 

3/24/15: Top Stories: German Plane Crashes in France 

3/24/15: Top Stories: Labor Unions vs. Rauner 

3/24/15: Should voting be mandatory? 

3/24/15: Top Stories: More information comes out regarding German plane crash 

3/24/15: Hedy Elliot of The Moonlight Coalition bringing a gift shop to the Peoria international Airport 

3/23/15: Top Stories: Geno Ford Fired 

3/23/15: March Madness Update

3/23/15: Top Stories: Ted Cruz Announces Run for Presidency 

3/23/15: What is it like being a 3rd party candidate? 

3/23/15: Top Stories: Who’s running for President? 

3/23/15: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 

3/20/15: Top Stories: What will Aaron Schock do with his campaign fund? 

3/20/15: Some people think that the police reaction to the Dunlap student making online threats was too harsh. Why?

3/20/15: Top Stories: First Day of Spring

3/20/15: Bradley University’s Brad McMillan explains how Aaron Schock can use his campaign fund after resigning 

3/20/15: Comedian Joe DeRosa

3/20/15: Comedian Bob Zany 

3/19/15: Top Stories: Soft Lockdown at Dunlap Middle School 

3/19/15: Do you vote the party line no matter what? 

3/19/15: Top Stories: Online threats getting worse? 

3/19/15: Attorney Mark Zalcman comments on his decision to run for Aaron Schock’s congressional seat 

3/19/15: CNN’s Hero of the Year and founder of Nowzad Dogs, Pen Farthing 

3/18/15: Top Stories: Aaron Schock Resigns

3/18/15: What lead up to Aaron Schock’s resignation? 

3/18/15: Ray LaHood commenting on Aaron Schock’s resignation 
3/18/15: Darin LaHood commenting on Aaron Schock’s resignation and announces that he'll run for that congressional seat

3/18/15: Top Stories: Aaron Schock Resigns 

3/18/15: WMBD’s David Van Camp describes the Aaron Schock Timeline 

3/16/15: Top Stories: Officially Boston’s snowiest winter 

3/16/15: Who is Peoria’s biggest celebrity? 

3/16/15: Top Stories: Robert Durst Documentary leads to murder arrest 

3/16/15: Scammers targeting senior citizens again in Central Illinois 

3/16/15: Top Stories: Dolce and Gabbana against IVF 

3/16/15: March Madness!

3/13/15: Top Stories: Yet another Cinderella movie 

3/13/15: Assist. City Manager Chris Setti: Food Trucks coming downtown! 

3/13/15: Top Stories: Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road 

3/13/15: How old is too old for your child to come into a restroom with you? 

3/13/15: Top Stories: Pres. Obama reads mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel 

3/13/15: Comedian Lisa Landry 

3/12/15: Top Stories: More Protesting in Ferguson? 

3/12/15: Wrongfully incarcerated man suing Peoria Police Dept. How much is lost time worth? 

3/12/15: Top Stories: Do you really remember 9/11? 

3/12/15: Beth Jensen: Public Engagement in Budget Process 

3/12/15: Top Stories: Shots ring out in Ferguson

3/12/15: York Powers, SAE Fraternity Alum. Does the fraternity system breed racism?

3/11/15: Top Stories: GOP Senators Letter to Iran: Breaking the Law? 

3/11/15: Should Aaron Schock resign? Some folks in the media say yes 

3/11/15: Top Stories: Firing Squad to come back to Utah 

3/11/15: What should happen to Donovan Golf Course? 

3/11/15: Top Stories: More Problems for Aaron Schock

3/11/15: Bradley University Athletic Director Michael Cross discusses his resignation 

3/10/15: Top Stories: Aaron Schock has Republican challenger for 18th District congressional primaries 

3/10/15: Twittergate Continues 

3/10/15: Top Stories: Can we read Hilary Clinton’s emails yet? 

3/10/15: Aaron Schock under the microscope 

3/10/15: Top Stories: Peoria Heights Power Outage 

3/10/15: Which foods are good for you?

3/9/15: Top Stories: Twittergate back in the news 

3/9/15: Aaron Schock explains where he’s at in his latest money controversies 

3/9/15: Top Stories: ISIS Media Mayhem  

3/9/15: What is the future of men’s basketball at Bradley University? 

3/9/15: Top Stories: Americans Gone Wild! 

3/9/15: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 

3/6/15: Over 30% of Peoria kids live beneath poverty line. How can we fix this problem? 

3/6/15: Top Stories: Harrison Ford Crashes Plane 

3/6/15: Madison Theater Saved! 

3/6/15: Top Stories: US negotiating with Iran

3/6/15: Comedian Tommy Davidson 

3/5/15: Top Stories: US Ambassador in South Korea has face slashed during speech 

3/5/15: Video gambling only for restaurants?

3/5/15: Top Stories: Iran and US close to nuclear deal? 

3/5/15: Justice Department finds rampant racism in Ferguson, MO government. Will racism always exist? 

3/5/15: Top Stories: Ben Carson apologizing for say men ‘turn gay’ in prison 

3/5/15: State Sen. Darin LaHood shares his views on video gambling only for bars and restaurants 

3/4/15: Who is making money off social media? 

3/4/15: Top Stories: Obamacare arguments being heard in Supreme Court 

3/4/15: Musician and Entertainer Liv Warfield

3/4/15: Top Stories: Netanyahu/Congress Highlights 

3/4/15: Wrap Up

3/3/15: Top Stories: Hilary Clinton used personal email for government business as Sec. of State. 

3/3/15: Aaron Schock’s spending habits: If you like him, you forgive him. If you hate him, you don’t.  

3/3/15: Top Stories: Benjamin Netanyahu making the rounds in U.S. 

3/3/15: Government Banning Ammo: Are you for it or against it? 

3/3/15: Top Stories: Big Al passed away yesterday 

3/3/15: Dr. Cindy Fischer: Quest Charter Academy 

3/2/15: Top Stories: ISIS releases Christian hostages 

3/2/15: What are the rules for attending a loved one’s funeral? 

3/2/15: Top Stories: Controversy surrounds Benjamin Netanyahu coming to US 

3/2/15: Should Aaron Schock be able to travel and spend money any way that he wants without our scrutiny? 

3/2/15: Top Stories: ISIS decides to release some hostages 

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