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4/15/14: Bubba Watson Celebrates Masters Win At Waffle House. Where is your ‘go-to’ place? 

4/11/14: Around the Horn 

4/11/14: Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman 

4/11/14: What is a work week? What should we make it? 

4/11/14: Commander Scott Altman discusses the next steps in space travel 

4/11/14: In The News

4/11/14: Comedian Shane Mauss 

4/10/14: Pennsylvania Teen Goes on Stabbing Spree

4/10/14: In the News

4/10/14: Around the Horn

4/10/14: Getting Closer to Finding the Missing Plane

4/10/14: Blue Man Group!

4/9/14: The Ultimate Warrior and Other Stars that Predicted their own Deaths 

4/9/14: Around the Horn 

4/9/14: Have you ever had a great idea that someone else took credit for? 

4/9/14: Renae Kerrigan, Peoria Riverfront Museum Planetarium: SPACE NEWS! 

4/9/14: RIP Ultimate Warrior 

4/9/14: In The News 

4/8/14: Are you a psychopath? 

4/8/14: What normal things are your kids afraid of? 

4/8/14: Kirstie Alley's controversial new Jenny Craig commercial 

4/8/14: Washington Mayor Gary Manier 

4/8/14: In The News

4/8/14: Lisa Miner, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry 

4/7/14: Millenials mired in debt from economic downturn, but the older generation has already recovered. Why such a large gap? 

4/7/14: Kids say the most embarrassing things… 

4/7/14: Hobby Lobby Healthcare Issues 

4/7/14: Jeb Bush's illegal immigration philosophy 

4/7/14: Around The Horn

4/7/14: Mascot Mayhem

4/4/14: Around the Horn 

4/4/14: If a man has a high paying, high profile job, should he take paternity leave? 

4/4/14: Fort Hood Shooter: Guns and Mental Illness 

4/4/14: How long should a work week be? 

4/4/14: Top Stories of the Day

4/4/14: Comedian Jake Johannsen

4/3/14: Fort Hood Shooting 

4/3/14: Amazon releasing a streaming video service. Is cable on the way out? 

4/3/14: UPS Fires 250 people for standing up for their coworker 

4/3/14: Messy Desk Syndrome: Is your coworker a slob? 
4/3/14: Fort Hood Shooting. Why?

4/3/14: Rod Dixon, Central Illinois Auto Show

4/2/14: Around The Horn! 

4/2/14: Is fracking causing Earthquakes? 

4/2/14: Should people have to pay more taxes because we feel that they are morally obligated to? 

4/2/14: Posting pictures of OTHER people’s kids on Facebook? Is that okay? 

4/2/14: What’s Happening? 

4/2/14: This news is creeping us out!! 

4/1/14: Should dealerships be able to sell cars on Sunday?  

4/1/14: How do geniuses spend their days?

4/1/14: What is Common Core? 

4/1/14: Chris Markowski: The Watch Dog on Wall Street 

4/1/14: Why is the car industry the only industry that is never open on Sunday? 

4/1/14: Parking Changes Downtown


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