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9/17/14: Who are the people in ISIS?

9/17/14: It is ever okay to hit your kids? 

9/17/14: Is racial profiling a necessary evil? 

9/17/14: Steve Brown is running for Mayor of Pekin

9/17/14: No more political satire on SNL? 

9/17/14: Pastor Jim Powell of Richwoods Church discussing Peace Plan in Africa

9/16/14: Top Stories in the News 

9/16/14: Asian Carp for Dinner? 

9/16/14: Sports penalties and fines: Should the real world work the same way? 
9/16/14: The problems with Illinois politics… 

9/16/14: Bruce Tulgan: Managing different generations in the workplace 

9/16/14: Wrap Up

9/15/14: Problems in the NFL

9/15/14: History behind the National Anthem 

9/15/14: ISIS strikes again 

9/15/14: Is Google Maps an invasion of privacy? 

9/15/14:Is the NFL being unfair to Ray Rice? 

9/15/14: Privacy Invasion

9/12/14: Top Stories of the Day 

9/12/14: Incredible Drunk Driver Story

9/12/14: Dateline: Peoria

9/12/14: Can fundamental Christians believe in dinosaurs? 

9/12/14: Walmart Kid Approved Toy List

9/11/14: Presidential Speech regarding ISIS 

9/11/14: Problems with School Lunches 

9/11/14: Defeating and Degrading ISIS 

9/11/14: Should we automatically prosecute if we have evidence of domestic violence? 

9/11/14: What is the appropriate way to talk about 9/11?

9/11/14: Comedian DL Hughley 

9/10/14: Are we more afraid now than we were before 9/11? 

9/10/14: What’s the status of the Madison Theater

9/10/14: Weather Advisory AND National Security: less sure now than ever? 

9/10/14: Should Roger Goodell leave his position in the NFL? 

9/10/14: DeLoss Jahnke: How has the rain been affecting farmers and their harvest? 

9/10/14: Should you get paid for doing housework?

9/9/14: Ray Rice kicked out of NFL 

9/9/14: 5 Things our Parents Did That Would Get Them Arrested Today 

9/9/14: Ray Rice and hypocrisy in the NFL 

9/9/14: Putting restrictions on prescription pain killers 

9/9/14: Was the NFL wrong to suspend Ray Rice indefinitely? 

9/9/14: OSF’s Dr. Brian Curtis: protect yourself from the mystery respiratory virus 

9/8/14: Medicinal Marijuana Coming to Illinois Soon 

9/8/14: Weddings and Funerals 

9/8/14: More racist NBA team owners?! 

9/8/14: Dr. Duke Pesta: Common Core Conversation 

9/8/14: Common Core: Yes or No 

9/8/14: In the market for a new house?

9/5/14: Too rich to be governor? 

9/5/14: Remembering Joan Rivers 

9/5/14: How can you keep your naked pics private? 

9/5/14: What is ‘too rich?’ 

9/5/14: They found it, and it's HUGE!!

9/4/14: Fast Food Workers Walk off Job...AGAIN

9/4/14: Weighing in on ISIS 

9/4/14: What will a minimum wage hike do? 

9/4/14: : What is ‘the cloud’ and how can you protect your private information? 

9/4/14: Wes Welker and NFL: Drug Suspension Fair? 

9/4/14: Ken Zurski and the history of Miss America

9/3/14: Governor Pat Quinn on minimum wage diet 

9/3/14: SLOW DOWN!!!

9/3/14: Do journalists need to be on the front line of war? 

9/3/14: We are lemmings jumping off a cliff...

9/2/14: Naked pictures of more celebrities stolen and released 

9/2/14: Do you really own anything you post online? 

9/2/14: What is the American worker’s biggest concern?

9/2/14: Who did not approve of your wedding? 

9/2/14: Videotaping yourself playing videos games is a thing???


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