OSF Team Running In Chicago Marathon

OSF HealthCare

A team from OSF HealthCare is running in Sunday’s Chicago Marathon.

Made up of nine OSF employees, “OSF Runners” will make the trek through downtown Chicago.

Media Relations Coordinator Shelli Dankoff vigorously trained for about the last 18 weeks in preparation for the event.

“So you think, ‘Alright, well why not? What the heck, let’s give it a try,'” Dankoff said. “Then you look at the cause you are raising the money for. It’s not about us, but about who you are helping.”

“OSF Runners” is raising money for World Vision, a nonprofit that provides clean, drinking water to communities in need across the world. Much of the money raised will go to places like Puerto Rico that were drilled by recent hurricanes.

The group has almost met its goal of raising $16,000. You can contribute HERE.

Dankoff said her team understands the added concern and security at the event following the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“Yes, you have to be aware and have to be cognizant of it,” Dankoff said. “At a certain point you just have to have faith that everything will be OK, and we will be OK and the legs will last.”

Dankoff said she trusts police and the added law enforcement will keep them safe.



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