Med Pot Seminar Coming To E.P.

With medical cannabis now available to patients, new legal issues are popping up for Illinois business owners and their employees.

Peoria attorney Rodney Nordstrom says, in regards to drug testing at work, medical pot patients can’t be singled out.

“The thing we know about drug testing with medical cannabis is that it has to be applied indiscriminately. In other words, it has to be applied consistently across the board for all medical conditions.”

He says by definition, if you have a prescription for medical cannabis, you have a severe debilitating medical condition.

Nordstrom is hosting a seminar Tuesday night in East Peoria for approved medical cannabis patients.

He tells WMBD’s Greg and Dan Show topics discussed will include medical pot in the workplace, driving under the influence, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Having worked with approved patients and those in the industry, Nordstrom says public perception of how the drug is used is likely very different than what is actually going on.

Tuesday night’s seminar is 6-8 p.m. at Stoney Creek Inn, next to Jonah’s, in East Peoria.



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