Lengthy Sentence for Rosetto

A Peoria man convicted of being the ringleader in a series of 2013 home invasions is sentenced to 87 years in prison.

Perry Rosetto, 45, was convicted in July of leading a home invasion at the Weaver Ridge Estates home of Doc and Mary Halliday.

The Halliday’s claimed they were tied up and their home ransanked in September, 2013.

Rosetto was sentenced on three counts, the first on home invasion, leading to a 43-year sentence. Counts two and three are for armed robbery of both Doc and Mary Halliday. They will be served concurrently, and consecutively to the first count of home invasion. That totals 87 years.

Rosetto is accused of being the ringleader of a half-dozen North Peoria home invasions in which residents were tied up while he and other burglars ransacked the houses. The victims’ vehicles were loaded with stolen goods, driven away and abandoned elsewhere.

Rosetto represented himself in his trial. But, appeared with an attorney during his sentencing hearing Wednesday in Peoria County Court.

Defense Attorney Sam Snyder first asked for a retrial, questioning Rosetto’s alleged confession as well as the legitimacy of his line of questions with Mary Halliday.

He then claimed a lengthy sentence would put hardship on Rosetto’s family. Snyder requested a 21-year sentence which was rejected by Peoria Judge Kevin Lyons.

Snyder indicated his client would appeal his June conviction and sentence.




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