Egypt-Born Peoria Resident Runs For Council

Courtesy Alpha Media's Ryan Piers

Amr Elsamny hopes to add diversity to the Peoria City Council.

So on Monday, he announced his candidacy to fill an at-large seat at the horseshoe. Elsamny was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1980. He lived in a variety of cities throughout the United States before settling in Peoria ten years ago.

“I was born in a country almost in three continents; parts in Africa, parts in Asia and right across from Europe,” Elsamny said.

A crowd of nearly fifty people, including local pastors, environmentalists, and members of the Interfaith Alliance, joined Elsamny for his announcement.

“My platform is to create jobs. To try and work hard for our city,” Elsamny said.

Elsamny his involved in many groups including Peoria Community Against Violence and the Islamic Foundation of Peoria and Peace for Peoria. He is president of Mercy for Mankind, a global outreach organization.

“When you attract businesses that create jobs, there are jobs, and when there are jobs you fight poverty and when you fight poverty you fight crime,” Elsamny said.

Elsamny also plans to push for free higher education and training for Peoria residents, although he did not elaborate with specific details.

“For self-employment, we can pick the most brilliant ideas that some of our citizens have here and we can chose to invest in them,” Elsamny said. “We will invest in these people as a partnership. We will train them, help them to be entrepreneurs.”

Finally, Elsamny says he hopes to campaign for social justice for minorities.

“It’s time to say yes to equality. It’s time to say yes to justice. It’s time to say yes to unity,” Elsamny said.

The Peoria City Council election is in April.



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