Don’t Shoot Call-In Targets New Group Of Offenders

Peoria’s Don’t Shoot program targeted a new group of violent offenders Monday night.

Nine men with ties to local gangs were told to put the guns down, or risk going to jail — and to take the message back to their “group.”

At Monday’s call-in, Peoria Police told the men that if they are involved in a gang-related homicide, police will come after their entire group.

The latest call-in comes on the heels of several recent shootings including one early Sunday morning on Peoria’s southside.

Peoria has seen 4 homicides this year, two of which were reported in recent weeks.

Peoria’s Don’t Shoot program, which began nearly three years ago, is focused on preventing more violence in the community. It also gives violent offenders a chance to turn their lives around with the help of community resources.

Peoria Police say they will continue to target the city’s gangs and most violent offenders, going after higher bonds and sentencing when they are arrested for violent crimes.



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