Corps Celebrating National Salvation Army Week

Alpha Media/Ryan Piers

Celebrating the Corps.

It’s National Salvation Army Week.

Tri-County Development Director Rich Draeger says Salvation Army staff and officers with the Heartland Division will meet with lawmakers in Springfield Wednesday.

“This gives our officers, especially new officers, a chance to have interaction with state legislators. Just, kind of express the challenges that were having, the successes we’re having, and maybe how they can be an advocate for us,” Draeger said.

Next week, the Pekin Salvation Army will launch a giving campaign to help raise funds for the programs at its Corps Community Center and the Rust Transitional Center.

“We’re just asking the community to help support us a little bit more. It will be a letter-writing campaign. So, we’ll send those out to businesses and donors, asking them if they can to support us,” Draeger said.

He says the summer months are typically a slow time for the Salvation Army.

“Our Christmas fundraising was wonderful last year, but we need additional funds during the summer,” Draeger said.

National Salvation Army Week is a time to thank generous donors and volunteers.

“Without their support, we would not be able to provide the wide array of programs and services that include: food for the hungry, gifts and counsel to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless, character building programs for area youth, relief for disaster victims, camping programs and so much more,” Draeger said.

To learn how you can give to the Salvation Army, click HERE.



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