Bustos Touts ACA At Assisted Living Center

Alpha Media's Ryan Piers

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-17) visited a local assisted living home to speak about the value of the Affordable Care Act.

“If the Affordable Care Act goes away, there are terrible consequences in communities like theirs,” she explained.

Bustos talked with residents of Courtyard Estates about how President Trump’s potential repeal of the ACA could affect Medicare.

She claimed the ACA has helped seniors save thousands of dollars on prescription drugs.

Bustos acknowledged that certain parts of the ACA need to be changed, such as expensive premiums.

Seniors at the supportive living community questioned her not just about the ACA, but why democrats are standing against President Trump’s cabinet picks.

Bustos attempted to stick to the original discussion of how repealing the ACA may impact central Illinois

“I really want to draw attention to the fact that the state isn’t paying its bills and facilities like this are struggling,” Bustos explained.

A spokesperson for the Courtyard Estates says the failure of the state to craft a passable budget has crippled his team’s ability to help seniors.

Specifically, the nonpayment of Medicaid money is hampering the nursing home.

“We have a lot of people that rely on Medicaid money and when we don’t receive it,” says Doug Currier, Vice President of Operations in the Assisted Living Division. “It has become a very large issue.”

Currier says the state of Illinois owes assisted living facilities $81 million dollars across the state. He is concerned what might happen if the money isn’t paid.

“We are reaching the point where we might not know what to do with these residents,” he explained.



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