Bus Benches Removed In Peoria

About 75 bus-stop benches have been removed from Peoria in the last week.

It’s part of CityLink’s plan to make sidewalks more walkable for those with disabilities.

“When you put a bus bench on a sidewalk that’s only about four feet wide; that really creates an impediment,” says Director of Marketing and Public Relations Anna Buehrer.

The benches didn’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The move is part of a larger renovation effort to CityLink bus stops.

Buehrer says they have been receiving negative feedback from passengers about the removed benches, and she completely understands their complaints. But they need to meet the needs of both the City and the Americans with Disabilities Act. She also admits some of the benches needed to be axed.

Buehrer says they plan to add more benches in the future.

The City had 150 benches before about 75 were removed.



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