Steffen Retiring From OSF Saint Francis

The President and CEO at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is stepping down.

Keith Steffen is retiring the end of this year. Steffen, who turned 66 in April, says the time is right for such a move to spend more time with his wife, four children and 14 grandchildren.

"After thinking about how short life is," Steffen tells WMBD's Greg and Dan, "and after this length of time here and a lot of exciting things that have happened with a great team, I just felt was time to go public and (OSF) can start looking to find a replacement."

Steffen has been with OSF Saint Francis 34 years, the last 17 as CEO.

Steffen was born at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in 1948. He joined OSF Saint Francis as Vice President in 1980 and became President and CEO in 1996.

Steffen was involved in many health care innovations at OSF through some tough economic times but, he says, none of that would have been possible without the leadership and support of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Francis.

"They never spooked, they never wavered, nobody seizured, nobody convulsed," Steffan says, "including when I said we need to build a $280-million children's hospital."

Innovations during Steffan's tenure include organ transplant programs, Life Flight expansion and construction and expansion of the Children's Hospital of Illinois.

"We've always been able to weather the storm and get through those difficult times and we're going through that again with Obamacare," says Steffan. "There have been a lot of cuts and a lot of changes. This system, this ministry, with get through it again."

Steffen will stay at the job until his replacement is hired. 


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