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Scott Robbins on Jamie Markley:

Writing someone else's bio is a daunting task.  Especially someone who has been a friend, mentor and even an antagonist for two decades.
To really know Jamie is to understand him.  From Guns & Roses to biblical principals he is well versed.
The talk of doing a radio show together began almost from the moment we met.  The planning, meeting and execution occupied the better part of the last 20 years.  In the end it never seemed like the right time......until now.

Despite the fact that I think he is a full fledged bleeding heart - he always challenges me with an opioion I hadn't considered.  Most of the time, however, he is wrong, but it's never personal.

I have watched Jamie grow as a broadcaster and human being.  As a broadcaster his talent knows no bounds.  As a human being, you will never find a more devoted Dad or loyal friend.
Jamie is also the most competitive person I've ever met.  He lives to win - doesn't matter if it's Foosball, basketball or a spelling contest,  he will play until he beats you.   He has a never give up attitude that I really admire.

Sometimes the best way to ruin a friendship is to partner on the air - We don't have that fear.  That's why we can fight like hell on and off the air, because no matter what our differences, we are friends first.
Although baseball is better than football, Guns & Roses are vastly overrated and voting with the GOP 60% of the time is not enough - living in Jamie's world is never dull.
Just a personal note - if you ever need help bailing hay - we've done that too.

Jamie Markley on Scott Robbins:

Scott Robbins is a radio legend.  He is one of the very few guys in radio that can be successful in ANY format.  Top 40?  He's done it.  Rock?  Yep.  Talk?  Well, you know that.  Sports?  He'd kill at it.  Country?  Sure, he'd just have to dumb it down a bit.  Spanish?  Ok, you got me there.  But only because he doesn't speak Spanish.  
The point is, Scott is one of the few people that have the talent and knowledge to do anything they want when it comes to radio.  If not for family keeping him in the area, he would've went to the major markets years ago.  He's been called a walking encyclopedia.  Chances are, you've never been around anyone that can talk about as many topics on such an intelligent level as Scottie.   (yes, he goes beyond politics, baseball, and music)  By the way, that certainly doesn't mean I always think his opinion is right.  Listen to one of our shows any day and you'll know that.  
Scott and I have a wonderful ability to argue like cats and dogs and then laugh together two minutes later.  Usually, when someone is as smart as Scott, they're not exactly the funniest guy around.  Scott, however, is HILARIOUS.  Always has been.  I can't think of anyone who makes me laugh as much at Scottie.
When I met Scott in the early 90's, I felt like we'd already been friends for years.  I already had tremendous respect for him as a radio talent, but after getting to know the REAL Scott, I was even more impressed.
Scott is fiercely loyal to the people he loves, and has a heart bigger than the size of his CD and album collection. (and that is insanely big)  Yes, Scott is a hard-line conservative with a low tolerance for liberal wimpery, but inside that sometimes gruff exterior is a big ole teddy bear.  
In a lot of ways, Scott is just like a big brother to me.  We both grew up in small towns, spent most of our time playing sports (Scottie was quite a pitcher back in the day til he threw his arm out), we had Dads that were hard-working blue collar guys, and both our lives were changed forever when we were bit by the rock n' roll bug.  (for Scottie it was Alice Cooper, for me it was KISS)  And, like having a big brother, annoying him is one of my favorite past-times.  Even when I don't even believe what I'm saying, pushing his buttons and watching him get wound up brings me great amusement.     
Through the years, we've gone to dozens of concerts together, played basketball and softball together, talked politics, religion, the mystery of women, the meaning of life and why, in the end, Guns N' Roses had a bigger impact on rock music than Rush.  
Scott and I have talked about doing a radio show together for years, and finally, it's happened.  I still get wowed by Scott's talent .  I don't know if our show will last 12 months or 12 years.  Radio is unpredictable that way.  I do know that in the end, Scott will still be like a big brother to me.  And, more than likely, I’ll still be trying to push his buttons.

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