Peoria Police Prepare For July 4th Traffic

The man in charge of Peoria's traffic control surrounding UnityPoint Health Methodist Proctor Red, White and Boom has called the exodus from downtown "organized chaos" in the past.

And this year should be no exception.

"Washington Street will be closed to traffic for us to make sure we get all the pedestrians away from the riverfront," Peoria Police Lt. Steve Roegge tells 1470 & 100.3 WMBD. "That's our main concern. We'll get people quickly off and on their way and traffic moving as soon as possible."

Roegge says officers will be stationed at all corners to help with the traffic and pedestrian flow.

"We'll have probably at least 20 to 30 officers on different traffic posts throughout the city trying to get people moving as best we can," Roegge says. "Our job is to get them out of downtown as quickly as possible and the officers will be able to go on to other details."

Parking close to Water Street and the riverfront will be limited, and Roegge says those who are able to park there will be among the last ones out.

"Park maybe a block or two further up into the city, along Adams and Jefferson," Roegge says. "It's going to get them out quicker than coming down and parking in the parking decks or parking closer to the riverfront."

The Bob Michel Bridge, in cooperation with the East Peoria Police Department, will be closed to traffic at 9:15 p.m. to avoid gawkers during the fireworks and relieve traffic congestion afterward.

Plus, Washington Street is closed around State Street because of construction.

"This is about the third year we've had some kind of construction on Washington Street," Roegge says. "So, we have to take that into consideration."

Roegge says the best thing for everyone to do is be patient.


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