Jury: D150 Justified In Firing Admin

A former Peoria School District 150 administrator will get some compensation as the result of a federal lawsuit she filed against her old employer, but it’s far from the full amount she wanted.

A jury awarded former treasurer/comptroller Pamela Schau roughly $35,000 on Wednesday. The School Board voted to fire Schau in August of 2010, a little more than a year after she first took the position. The decision came at the recommendation of Superintendent Grenita Lathan, who felt Schau was unable or unqualified to do the job set before her.

Schau sued the district in July 2011, claiming her employer didn’t give her ample warning before firing her. She was seeking $250,000 for emotional stress she incurred as a result of her sudden termination.

About $17,000 of the award is part of a severance package and unused vacation pay, something the district says it had already planned on giving her. The jury gave her the remaining $18,000 after agreeing that the School Board should have held a hearing to give her a chance to tell her side of the story.

The jury ultimately decided to not award Schau the full $250,000, saying that even had the School Board given her a hearing, the outcome would not have been any different.


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