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10/31/14: In The News: Cop Killer Caught 

10/31/14: Million Dollar Idea Friday 

10/31/14: In The News: Should politicians be held accountable for things their staff does? 

10/31/14: In The News: Aliens in the Government? 

10/31/14: Comedian Brett Erickson

10/30/14: In The News: SF wins World Series 

10/30/14: Lt. Gov Sheila Simon running for State Comptroller 

10/30/14: In The News: Apple CEO Tim Cook is gay. Does it matter? 

10/30/14: Why do we need a curved tv? 

10/30/14: In The News: When it comes to singing anthems, should you just leave well enough alone? 

10/29/14: In The News: The Kurds and ISIS 

10/29/14: Peoria: It’s like a real city! 

10/29/14: In The News: NASA rocket explodes. Whoops! 

10/29/14: Discontinued Items: What are you stocking up on? 

10/29/14: In The News: Ebola Nurse Ignoring Quarantine 

10/29/14: Hockey Player badly injured at Rivermen game speaks out! 

10/28/14: In The News: We are over Ebola 

10/28/14: Why do we spend so much time in the grocery store? 

10/28/14: Is a White Castle coming to Peoria??? 

10/28/14: Would you vote for someone that is too fat or too thin?

10/28/14: In The News: HOT LAVA! 

10/28/14: Depressing Retirement Facts

10/27/14: In The News: Washington State High School Shooting 

10/27/14: Anti-Bullying App? 

10/27/14: In The News: Jeb Bush running for President 

10/27/14: What happened during this weekend’s Rivermen game???

10/27/14: In The News: Dumbest Sports Injury of the Week

10/27/14: Charles Barkley causing controversy with racially based remarks 

10/24/14: In The News:  Ebola comes to NYC 

10/24/14: Are you ever really on vacation from work? 

10/24/14: In The News: High School Hazing

10/24/14: What do we fear the most? 

10/24/14: In The News: NYC Hatchet Attack 

10/24/14: Comedian Charlie Murphy 

10/23/14: In The News: Shooting at Canadian Parliament 

10/23/14: Internet Trolls: Who is most vulnerable to an online attack? 

10/23/14: In The News: American Teens Try to Join ISIS 

10/23/14: University of North Carolina athletes take fake classes? 

10/23/14: In The News: Canadian Parliament Shooter Gunned Down 

10/23/14:  How is the Government wasting your money?

10/22/14: In The News: High School Bullying takes a turn for the worse 

10/22/14: Should students with ADD be taken out of traditional school? 

10/22/14: In The News: ISIS Update 

10/22/14: Why is McDonald’s losing steam in the fast food market? 

10/22/14: In The News: Michael Brown Autopsy Revealed 

10/22/14: Are red light ticket cameras rigged??? 

10/21/14: In The News: Serial Killer in Midwest 

10/21/14: Is road rage making a comeback? 

10/21/14: In The News: Kim Jong Il

10/21/14: This 9 things will soon be inside WHAT?? 

10/21/14: In The News: Election Season

10/21/14: What is happening to the 4 Points hotel project?

10/20/14: In The News: Ebola with a capital ‘E’ 

10/20/14: Why have there been so many pedestrian/vehicle collisions lately? 

10/20/14: In The News: Middle East Conflicts 

10/20/14: What is Apple Pay? 

10/20/14: In The News: Ebola Update

10/20/14: R-E-S-P-E-C-T???


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