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12/19/14: In The News: North Korea responsible for Sony hack 

12/19/14: DeLoss Jahnke: Food Prices 

12/19/14: In The News: Stock Market Madness 

12/19/14: Obesity is now a disability? 

12/19/14: In The News: Cancelling The Interview 

12/19/14: Comedian Dr. Gonzo 

12/18/14: In The News: Cancelling The Interview 

12/18/14: Bullying In Locker Rooms: Will having adult supervision stop it? 

12/18/14: In The News: Repairing Cuban/U.S. relations 

12/18/14: Scott Wren of Wells Fargo: How long will we have low gas prices? 

12/18/14: In The News: Cuba Reactions

12/18/14: Running for President in 2016? 

12/17/14: In The News: Why did the Taliban attack a school? 

12/17/14: Movies coming out in time for Christmas

12/17/14: In The News: Too dangerous to see this movie? 

12/17/14: What would you want a lifetime supply of?

12/17/14: Top Stories of the Day 

12/17/14: Hey, Santa! What the heck is Nintendinitis??!! 

12/16/14: In The News: Taliban Attack on School in Pakistan 

12/16/14: What is the biggest lie of the year? 

12/16/14: In The News: Attack on Students in Pakistan 

12/16/14: Best story of turning the tables for the holidays 

12/16/14: In The News: Hostage Situation Over in Sydney 

12/16/14: Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich: 2014 Innovation Team grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies 

12/15/14: In The News: Hostages being held in Sydney coffee shop

12/15/14: Darwin Award ‘winners’

12/15/14: In The News: Sony Email Hack 

12/15/14: Concealed Carry: Who are you protecting yourself from?

12/15/14: In The News: Terrorism in Sydney? 

12/15/14:  Bradely Basketball with Geno Ford 

12/12/14: In The News: They’re rehydrating people HOW??? 

12/12/14: Are you a Nazi? 

12/12/14: Ryan Newman, Caterpillar NASCAR driver coming to Peoria

12/12/14: Hammer Harrison of the Harlem Globetrotters 

12/12/14: In The News: More Allegations against Bill Cosby

12/12/14: Comedian Heywood Banks 

12/11/14: In The News: Torture Report Reactions 

12/11/14: How do you decide who should get ‘tortured’ when we need information during war? 

12/11/14: In The News: Winter Storms 

12/11/14: New Year’s Resolutions for the Community 

12/11/14: In The News: Cheney weighs in on Torture Report 

12/11/14: McDonalds’ is downsizing their menu. What’s getting the axe? 

12/10/14: In The News: Torture Report Details 

12/10/14: America’s Most Hated Industries 

12/10/14: In The News: What did Dick Cheney have to say about the torture report? 

12/10/14: Is torture ever acceptable?

12/10/14: In The News: Extreme Winter Weather 

12/10/14: Peoria Ballet’s Nutcracker 

12/9/14: In The News: Torture Report 

12/9/14: Asian Carp processing plant coming soon? 

12/9/14: In The News: Ferguson Findings 

12/9/14: No more football for high school students? 

12/9/14: In The News: ‘I Can’t Breathe’ 

12/9/14: Cat Stevens comeback? 

12/8/14: In The News: Crying Rape 

12/8/14: In The News: Rolling Stone Retraction 

12/8/14: Kirk Wessler: Bradley University and the Renaissance Coliseum 

12/8/14: In The News: Torture Policies? 

12/5/14: In The News: Protesting Police Brutality 

12/5/14: Biggest Gripes of Christmas Season 

12/5/14: In The News: Garner Decision Protests 

12/5/14: Chicago coming to Peoria! 

12/5/14: In The News: Big Stories of the Day 
12/5/14: Comedian Kevin Meany 

12/4/14: In The News: Eric Garner and NYPD 

12/4/14: Will microchipping your employees make them more productive?

12/4/14: In The News: Gloria Allred vs. Bill Cosby  

12/4/14: Did the Grand Jury make a bad decision in the case of Eric Garner’s death? 

12/4/14: In The News: Vatican Misplaced Money? 

12/4/14: Top Yahoo Searches of 2014  

12/3/14: In The News: Oil Prices 

12/3/14: Colleges getting rid of football? 

12/3/14: In The News: Did Cyber Monday beat out Black Friday? 

12/3/14: Peoria’s Red Light District: Should all the ‘adult entertainment’ in town be located on the same block? 

12/3/14: In The News: Bill Cosby Being Sued 

12/3/14: Best Burgers in Illinois 

12/2/14: In The News: ISIS leader’s wife and son detained in Lebanon 

12/2/14: Rent to Own: Is rent out of control? 

12/2/14: In The News: Bill Cosby resigns

12/2/14: Can we have racism in a 'raceless' society? 

12/2/14: In The News: Piggybacking Protesters 

12/2/14: Painkiller Overdosing on the Rise 

12/1/14: In The News: Missing Ohio State Athlete found dead 

12/1/14: Black Friday Horror Stories

12/1/14: In The News: Toy Related Injuries 

12/1/14: St. Louis Rams Ferguson Protest Solidarity 

12/1/14: In The News: Should the NFL punish Rams players?

12/1/14: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 

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