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11/21/14: In The News: President Uses Executive Orders to Push Ahead with Immigration Reform 

11/21/14: The Bill Cosby Scandal keeps getting worse 

11/21/14: In The News: The Snow Keeps Coming 

11/21/14: How does executive order work? Josh Ryan, Asst. Political Science Professor at Bradley University, explains 

11/21/14: In The News: Which illegal immigrants are now allowed to stay in the U.S.?

11/21/14:Comedian Ms. Pat 

11/20/14: In The News: Florida State Shooting

11/20/14: Worst States for Thanksgiving 

11/20/14: : In The News: Ferguson Unrest 

11/20/14: Bradley Basketball: FAIL 

11/20/14: In The News: Winter Weather Update 

11/20/14: Pen Farthing: CNN's 2014 Hero of the Year 

11/19/14: : In The News: Former Model Janice Dickenson accuses Bill Cosby of assult in the 80s 

11/19/14: Top Grossing Worst Movies 

11/19/14: In The News: Winter Weather 

11/19/14: Dr. Michael Cross, Athletic Dir. Of Bradley University: Budget Cuts 

11/19/14: In The News: Air Bag Recall

11/19/14: Ken Zurski, author: Peoria Stories 

11/18/14: In The News: Things getting worse for Bill Cosby 

11/18/14: Jeff Griffin and Adam White: Small Business Saturday 

11/18/14: In The News: Have we grossly underestimated the amount of Islamic State troops? 

11/18/14: Does Missouri need the National Guard in Ferguson for the end of the Michael Brown trial? 

11/18/14: In The News: Freezing Temps in All 50 States

11/18/14: Bradley Basketball with Geno Ford 


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