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8/29/14: Civic Center Losing Money

8/29/14: Blues Musician Delbert McClinton

8/29/14: Bobby Schilling is running for Congress again 

8/29/14: Jim Weatherington, Peoria Civic Center business 

8/29/14: Smokers Blues Band 

8/29/14: Comedian Joe Roderick 

8/28/14: Top Stories 

8/28/14: Communal showers still exist in professional sports? WHY?? 

8/28/14: 9 year old accidently kills shooting instructor. Too young for a gun? 

8/28/14: Illinois Federation of Teachers 

8/28/14: Biggest Stories of the Day 

8/28/14: Illinois Bluesfest

8/27/14: Why would an American join ISIS? 

8/27/14: Beloit College Mindset List for 2014 

8/27/14: 5 tickets that will ruin your car insurance rates 

8/27/14: Central Park Pool Closing 

8/27/14: Top Stories

8/27/14: City Councilman Eric Turner: Video Gambling 

8/26/14: Say goodbye to your spare tire!

8/26/14: Is your chicken feet habit making you sick? Wait, what??? 

8/26/14: Changing outdoor smoking laws AGAIN?!

8/26/14: Top Stories 

8/26/14: Plane Problems

8/22/14: The Big Ones 

8/22/14: Stuff We’re Not Buying Anymore 

8/22/14: Asian Carpnado Trailer Drop 

8/22/14: Dr. Daniel Fassett, OSF Neurosurgeon: How does ALS effect the body?

8/22/14: Suicide Tourism in Switzerland. Will it ever happen in the U.S.?

8/22/14: CNN Hero & Author Pen Farthing: 'Nowzad Dogs'

8/21/14: Biggest Stories of the Day: What is ISIS? 

8/21/14: Florida: Go Home, You’re Drunk!! 

8/21/14: Mike Ditka is pro Redskins. Why is he speaking out?! 

8/21/14: Jim Ardis: Don’t Shoot Update 

8/21/14: Biggest Stories of the Day: Ferguson Update 

8/21/14: Winter Weather Predictions 

8/20/14: Journalist Beheaded in Middle East 

8/20/14: What is the point of the Ice Bucket Challenge? 

8/20/14: How can we end the rioting in Ferguson? 

8/20/14: 1 in 7 families need to use Food Banks. Why? 

8/20/14: American Journalist Beheaded

8/20/14: Wrap Up

8/19/14: More Protesting in Ferguson 

8/19/14: Don Pardo, Voice of SNL, dies 

8/19/14: Det. Mike Eaton of the Pekin Police discusses the recent attempted kidnapping in Pekin 

8/19/14: Dist. 150’s Common Core Curriculum Explained 

8/19/14: An Update on the Rioting in Ferguson 

8/19/14: Rodney Nordstrom, Medicinal Marijuana in Illinois 

8/18/14: Update on the Ferguson Riots

8/18/14: What the deal with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges?

8/18/14: In The News

8/18/14: What is happening in Iraq?

8/18/14: Rioting Continues in Missouri

8/18/14: Bradley Soccer Kick Off! 

8/15/14: What happened in Ferguson, MO? 

8/15/14: Dr. Stephen Hippler, OSF: Obesity on the rise 

8/15/14: New study shines a light on what might be causing autism 

8/15/14: Do you really want to see where your food comes from? 

8/15/14: Critiquing Police response in Ferguson 

8/14/14: Is the new Marriott hotel going to live up to all the hype?

8/14/14: What is the worst thing you can say to a teenaged boy?

8/14/14: Jim Ardis on Growing Medical Marijuana in Illinois 

8/14/14: Colonel Ted Spain: Breaking Iraq

8/14/14: Jim Nowlan: Fixing Illinois

8/14/14: Wrap Up

8/13/14: Remembering Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams 

8/13/14: Top Jobs for 2014 

8/13/14: Suicide on the rise for white males over 50 

8/13/14: Study shows we have no influence over policy creation in government 

8/13/14: Rioting in St. Louis 

8/13/14: Wrap Up

8/12/14: Remembering Robin Williams 

8/12/14: Problems in the Middle East 

8/12/14: Scott Wren: Wells Fargo 

8/12/14: Quinn/Rauner Debates 

8/12/14: Rest in Peace Robin Williams 

8/12/14: Does the President take too many vacations?


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