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7/31/14: Ebola Virus Outbreak 

7/31/14: The Pope’s Top 10 Secrets to Happiness 

7/31/14: How much does it cost to make 1 prescription pill? 

7/31/14: Are all pay day loans a scam? 

7/31/14: Is the Ebola hysteria overblown?

7/31/14: Around the Horn

7/30/14:When did we get so sensitive? 

7/30/14: Jesse Ventura wins... and then loses 

7/30/14: Taxing Millionaires is going on the ballot

7/30/14: Stephen A. Smith suspended for Ray Rice comments 

7/30/14: Dist. 150 Union Woes

7/30/14: The Sommerville Foundation Back To School Bash

7/29/14: Ed Hammond from the start of the St. Jude Run 

7/29/14: Minor League Baseball Promotions gone wild! 

7/29/14: Abusing the system at Staples? 

7/29/14: Why do we get so mad at debt collectors? 

7/29/14: Concealed Carry Gone Too Far? 

7/29/14: How much of our brain do we actually use?  
7/28/14: In The News

7/28/14: Cruiseship  Horror Stories

7/28/14: Making Changes to Dist. 150's Sex Ed Program

7/28/14: Josh Malone's Bunch O Balloons is awesome!!

7/28/14: Hogs and Weed

7/28/14: MMA Fighter Stops Robbery 

7/25/14: NFL player Ray Rice beats his wife...and no one cares??

7/25/14: Top Stories of the Day

7/25/14: How can you tell if a police officer is real? Peoria's Police Chief explains

7/25/14: Shaun Livingston Foundation's Basketball Camp

7/25/14: Behind the Scenes of Hercules

7/25/14: Comedian Lachlan Patterson 

7/24/14: More Problems for Capital Punishment: Almost 2 hours for inmate to be put to death. 

7/24/14: Sneaky ways to find out someone’s name 

7/24/14: What would happen if a tornado hit a major city? 

7/24/14: Dana Davis Basketball Camp 

7/24/14: In The News

7/24/14: JDRF and Detweiller at Dark 

7/23/14: Headline News

7/23/14: Sheriff McCoy: Don't Shoot Update 

7/23/14: Combating Parkinson's with Stem Cells

7/23/14: Sex Ed in Schools: Do you want it?

7/23/14: In the News

7/22/14: Leuthold Trial Over: GUILTY 

7/22/14: Sexuality in the NFL: Should it matter? 

7/22/14: How Netflix is changing the world 

7/22/14: Walt Willey and Crew: Auntie Mame 

7/22/14: Guilty!

7/22/14: Whitney's Walk

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