CityLink Outlines Options For New Transfer Facility

Peoria's transit system is looking at giving residents on the upper edge of the city more options.

CityLink is looking at six sites as potential locations for a Peoria North Side Transfer Zone facility.

The locations were evaluated on several criteria including: size of parcel, access conditions, environmental concerns, transit system connectivity, available destinations, anticipated land, development costs, and availability.

TranSystems, the consultant hired by CityLink, provided fifteen potential sites, which were narrowed down to six.

The preferred sites that were presented during the open house Tuesday were: 3425 N. University, 3905 N. University, 2601 W Forrest Hill Avenue, 4749 N. Sterling Avenue , 1720 War Memorial, and 2010 W. Forrest Hill Avenue.

CityLink is now considering the feasibility of putting a transfer zone at any one of those site, weighing the cost and whether there is enough space available.

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