Budget Woes For The River City

It's going to be a lean few months for the City of Peoria.

Current projections through the end of 2014 show revenue is off by about $3.7 million. While expenditures are $1.7 million lower than what was initially expected when the annual budget was crafted, there's still a net deficit of $2 million that needs to be recouped.

City Manager Patrick Urich says sluggish sales tax numbers are to blame for the budget shortfall.

"They're starting to pick up. The last couple of months have been positive, but it's still really a concern that we've got," Urich said.

He says each city department will spend the next couple of months looking for realistic ways to "tighten the belt."

"We're going to have to hold positions vacant, we're going to have to look at what we have that's planned expenditures for the rest of the year, what we can hold back on. We'll take a close look at that, come back, and see what we can do," Urich said.

Urich says he's stressing the importance of shopping in Peoria to all city staff, and also hoping to convince more residents to stay in town to spend money. He says there are efforts underway to try to build-up the retail presence on the city's south side and downtown areas, as well, to keep people who live there from going across the river to shop in East Peoria's Levee District.

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